Family DogWelcome to Fielding Line's English Springer Spaniels. Located in picturesque North Eastern Ontario, we are committed to providing families with quality home raised puppies. Special attention is given to proper feeding and daily handling to ensure you are receiving a puppy that will suit your families needs and life style. The English springer spaniel is an active breed that requires daily regular exercise to be well adjusted. They enjoy water and will be in it any chance they get. The are natural swimmers. They also want to be with you as much as possible and miss you when you are apart. They are loving a gentle breed. The springer spaniel will blend into almost any family situation with ease. They are smart and respond well to training, but left untrained they can become quite unruly. They are about 40-65 lbs when full grown. They come in a variety of colours: liver and white, black and white, either of these with tan markings (tricolour), Liver or blue roan. The springer spaniel also comes in two types: field bred and show bred. The main differences between the two are size, length of coat, and activity level. Be sure to understand which line you are choosing from to ensure you are getting what you want.

Pictured below are Onyx (on the left) and Grommet (on right), both quality dogs that are great examples to the puppies they are raising.

The first of my two dogs is Grommet, my liver and white male. He is a registered English Springer Spaniel and we earned his Canadian Show Championship in 2011. He is very active and loves hunting and agility while maintaining a very friendly and gentle demeanor.

Onyx is my female black and white tri-colour. She is also a registered English Springer Spaniel. She is a two point major away from her championship. She is very laid back, and quiet with a friendly, gentle attitude.

Both dogs have show a great aptitude for training, have good conformation, and possess great family dog traits, as well as hunting and agility tendencies.

I fell in love with springer spaniels at a young age. We had many dogs but none of them matched the temperament, personality, brains and unconditional love of the springer spaniel. I can't imagine my life without my dogs by my side. I worked in a veterinary office for a number of years and in that time learned about the proper care of animals, possible problems, and how to deal with many medical conditions. It has been a dream of mine to help others discover the world of springer spaniel ownership - I believe if you don't love the springer you haven't owned the right one. With this in mind I have carefully chosen two dogs with all of the qualities I believe represent a good springer spaniel. This has come through in the show ring as well as in agility classes. I am thrilled with what my dogs have to offer and am eager to see the quality puppies that will come from them for you to enjoy.